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The Thrill of Hitting Upon a Real, Exciting, and Hopefully Productive Research Question

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Y’ALL. I been fiendin’ for a full version of this song for, no lie, about a year now (listening to the 30-second UK iTunes preview wasn’t cutting it — for some reason it’s only available on European copies of the album and I can’t find an MP3 anywhere??). This is a real blessing, considering the circumstances.

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good night.おやすみなさい。 #shiba #dog #komugi #柴犬


good night.おやすみなさい。 #shiba #dog #komugi #柴犬

Why listen to Future Islands when you could listen to Wild Beasts

I mean, they aren’t really trying to do the same thing but, come on, as far as flamboyant frontmen and danceable poppy-proggish rock goes, You Can Do Better 

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Remember Phoenix? Phoenix was great. That Hall and Oates palm mute tone down tremolo picking guitar sound thing.

"Remember Phoenix?" is a question I want to ask people on a regular basis, no lie. 



Extremely excited singing: Space Jam.

the greatest video on the planet

As far as Amalia’s music goes, I’m beginning to reach that stage where amusement turns into real admiration. Her intonation, her enunciation (if you could call it that; she takes words to places other mouths haven’t), that janky vibrato, really more like a tremolo at times — everything that I once found funny about her just strikes me as really captivating now

isensegrimez replied to your post “Am kinda taken aback when folks call me by name in conversation…”

give an example. is it overdone? aj, would it make you upset if I did this constantly?
Ha lol, I’m sure you did it on purpose but that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. It just has the effect of “I’m about to ask and/or tell you something extraordinary” but then it’s not. But no, I wouldn’t say it’s overdone. Would it make me upset? Nah, probs not

Am kinda taken aback when folks call me by name in conversation (like, if they’re not using a greeting or trying to get my attention). It’s strangely endearing, but also unsettling — kinda seems like a reluctance to engage, or a way to distance oneself? It’s not really that upsetting, just sort of strange

in the Heart of the Nation’s Capitol


Park Ranger: The World War II Memorial is guarded by the Greek gods. See Athena, here?

Crowd: (nods)

Park Ranger: What is Athena the goddess of?

Crowd: Wisdom!

Park Ranger: Good. And see what Athena’s NOT doing?

Crowd: ( … what?) (bad question)

Park Ranger: She’s NOT holding a sword. ‘Cuz that’s what America does—we teach, not fight.